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My name is Gina Maya and I will be using this website to record my experiences at the cinemas, theatres and cultural events of Edinburgh.

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April 26, 2017

26.04.17 Neruda

Neruda This is a film of glacial beauty, of a noir-like detective who should be evil, hunting down a poet of the revolution through Chilean towns and villages into the snow drifts of the Andes. The detective though, is barely one at all, toyed with by the poet, Neruda, to the point where he questions his own existence, or whether he's just a charac...
April 23, 2017

Sunday Skies

Sunday Skies 23.04.17 How strange to read my previous post, the bitterness and hatred. Today outside is beautiful, blue skies and almost no one here in the study room because it's too nice to be here. My essay is done, I don't feel like doing anymore, have reached that saturation point where you're staring at words on a screen, and wondering what m...
April 21, 2017

21.04.17 I Am Not Your Negro

I Am Not Your Negro I knew nothing about James Baldwin, a lot more about Martin Luther King who features in this film from a distance. Baldwin was friends with three of the most important civil rights campaigners of their era in America: King, Malcolm X, and Medgar Evers. I hadn't heard of Evers and didn't know much about Malcolm X; this isn't the ...
April 18, 2017

Alone In The System

Alone In the System 18.04.17 I broke down today, in tears, in someone's office. It's the first time it's happened, crying in front of other people like this. A colleague from the university's staff pride network, I didn't know who else to turn to. I got a job rejection this morning. So many qualifications and so much experience for a post well with...
April 16, 2017

One-year anniversary

One-year anniversary 16.04.17 It feels slightly ridiculous to write about my one-year anniversary of being out, full-time, as trans. It is, medically (or should that be bureaucratically?) an important moment because it means you can start discussing gender reassignment surgery with your doctor for real. That meeting comes in early May for me. Havin...
April 09, 2017

Dealing With Failure

09/04/17, Dealing With Failure It's a pivotal moment that didn't seem so pivotal after the event, though I know things are going to change in my life now. My application for funding for my studies got rejected on Monday. It is a big deal. It means I'm going to finish my studies in two years' time considerably poorer than when I started. I'll still ...
April 09, 2017

Free Fire 09.04.17

09/04/17, Free Fire Two teams, one warehouse at night time, somewhere in Boston. The premise is clear, the gun deal falls apart as people start shooting at each other, everyone sucked into a gun battle, everyone soon covered in dust and blood, crawling and limping around, shouting to each other and at each other. Confusion really starts to reign as...
April 03, 2017

You Are Now Mentally Ready

You Are Now Mentally Ready 03.04.17 I wake up in the darkness as the guitar music trails into nothing. The woman's voice on the twelfth and final recording of the NHS Mental Health and Wellbeing programme has faded back into the Middle Ages along with her guitarist. There were some words I can remember about the training she'd given, telling me I'm...
April 02, 2017

Ghost in the Shell

02/04/17, Ghost in the Shell Bewildered anger from one friend afterwards, in the bar of Cameo cinema. A nonplussed, unimpressed set of views from another. I was embarrassed to compare ratings with them over cider, with my '6.5-out-of-ten' against their two and four. Is Ghost in the Shell so bad? This was its first Saturday showing, and Cameo had mo...

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