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My name is Gina Maya and I will be using this website to record my experiences at the cinemas, theatres and cultural events of Edinburgh.

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March 26, 2017

Life 26.03.17

26.03.17 LifeGruesome and deeply disturbing, this is a film I should qualify with the caveat that I entered the cinema feeling low about life. I didn't realize quite how low; that day in Edinburgh included sunny weather and a stillness in the cool air that I love. A few days earlier, however, I'd received rejections for things I'd applied for, incl...
March 21, 2017

Personal Shopper 21.03.17

20.03.17 Personal ShopperIt's always interesting when you come across two reviews of the film you watched that diverge so differently. Empire magazine makes Personal Shopper out as a three-star movie (out of five), opening with the line, 'There's no one aspect of Olivier Assays' latest film that entirely works.' Elsewhere in 'review world,' The Gua...
March 19, 2017

Now Close Your Eyes

19/03/17, Now Close Your EyesI have continued to listen to the recordings, the ones promoting mental health. I lie on my bed on these evenings, the room is dark like the Scottish winter outside, there's light coming from the living room, and from the laptop next to me. I'm dressed in black, in leggings, vest and long black cardigan, with a baseball...
March 16, 2017

Kong: Skull Island 16.03.17

16/03/17, Kong: Skull IslandConfessions first: I like exotic, monster movies, even if the good ones rarely come around. I really liked the Jurassic Park films, including the most recent one, Jurassic World. I enjoyed the 1990s Godzilla with Matthew Broderick. And when I was very young, I was besotted with Conan Doyle's The Lost World (the Ladybird ...
March 13, 2017

Listen and Relax . . .

13/03/17, Listen and Relax . . .My gender-transitioning nurse – my current doctor Frankenstein if you will – gave me a link to a mental-health-and-wellbeing site, full of listening tracks. Up until yesterday I'd ignored them, being too anxious about wasting valuable study time that I waste anyway. And so last night I downloaded, clicked on and list...
March 12, 2017

Logan 12.03.17

12/03/17, LoganA film in which an old gunslinger is called into action one final time, Logan has heart and a tenderness, at least for the first two-thirds. Its conclusion embraces a nondescript action sequence and that's a shame; I even wonder if the anticlimactic predictability of the end made this film appear worse, for its contrast with its enga...
March 07, 2017

Certain Women 07.03.17

07/03/17, Certain WomenA slice-of-life film about the lives of four women in a dead-end town. The camera stays on things longer than is usual, as if the character of Time is playing Best Supporting Actor. In the final scene, as a lonely protagonist is working in the stables, you wait to see the woman she loves come back to her. And you wait.It's a ...
March 05, 2017

05.03.17 Sciatica, My Enemy

05/03/17, Sciatica, My EnemySince I use these posts to write about what's on my mind, I'd like to write about what's bothering me at the moment, it's a thing that won't go away, and is starting to shape my life again. It's called sciatica.To explain: a few years ago, I used to work out in the gym, two or three times a week. On one occasion I did ha...
March 04, 2017

Trespass Against Us 04.03.17

04/03/17, Trespass Against UsIt's an issue worth considering: in modern Britain's paradigm of high rents and the elusive property ladder, is there another way to live? Like the Travellers, for example, with their caravans and open-air and camp fires?It's a grim alternative that's depicted in Trespass Against Us, it has to be said. The film shows Mi...

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