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My name is Gina Maya and I will be using this website to record my experiences at the cinemas, theatres and cultural events of Edinburgh.

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November 16, 2017

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November 14, 2017

Happy Fucking Transgender Remembrance

Happy Fucking Transgender Remembrance 14.11.17 Trans Remembrance, that white, middle class thing that I do. I guess that could be your perception, for I am white, in a slightly Celtic-looking way, whatever that means. Last year I organized a screening of Tangerine , about African-American prostitutes in LA, a film I grow to love more and more with ...
November 12, 2017

The Florida Project

The Florida Project 12.11.17 Like Harry Potter and the Enid Blyton stories, The Florida Project is partly a world seen from the perspective of children. Around them on the sun-drenched strip of cheap motels and garish junk food cafes, little girls and boys play together, are noisy, and seem not to realize the challenges faced by the adults. Providi...
November 05, 2017

Is Tintin Transgender?

Is Tintin Transgender? Last week I wrote about other dimensions. This week I'd like to take the plunge into alternative animated worlds: what if we could see beyond the published cartoon frames of my favourite character from childhood, Tintin? There was always something about Tintin's androgyny, his anodyne spirit about making the world a bett...
November 05, 2017

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express 05.11.17 Murder on the Orient Express . It's a film about the luxury train, with a murder on it. What else is there to say of this enjoyable, nothing-special film? I went for visual stimulation and escapism and I think it's what I got given, like caviar or some other overrated thing. I knew I would get a glimpse of how ...
October 29, 2017

Out Of This World: A Tribute To Brit Marling

Out Of This World: A Tribute To Brit Marling 29.10.17 There are moments, they appear before you on screen or in a book or in a song, and they capture what you yearn for. This might be the case for anyone, and is certainly so for those who repress something. But then, doesn't everyone have something they can't have? Isn't that how the psyc...
October 28, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok 28.10.17 Two thirds of the way through Thor: Ragnarok , there's a superlative piece of slow-mo action that should have lasted longer. We see in a historical flashback the Valkyries – an all-woman army on winged horseback – approaching the story's villain, Cate Blanchett's Hela, in a final role of the dice. It's a scene akin to those ...
October 22, 2017

Trans vs TERFs

Trans vs TERFs 22.10.17 It's the red rag to a bull, from a transgender perspective: radical feminists, or trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) and what we're meant to think of each other. I read this week an article in The Big Issue (October 16-22) about violence at a protest from some weeks ago, between trans and anti-trans activists ...
October 21, 2017

The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin 21.10.17 My first issue wasn't with the film but the cinema. Two price hikes by Cameo within so many months left me with the cost of £9.20 for a film, on a student membership. It's strange how the little things can unsettle you beforehand, but the Cameo always felt like my cinema. Given that they've given a make-over to the...
October 15, 2017

Reflections on Sense8

Reflections on Sense8 15.10.17 The Wachowskis have made art with messages before. The Matrix asked questions of reality, while bringing cyberpunk style into Western fashion – Neo, Trinity and Morpheus became our vulnerable superheroes for the computer age. Who hasn't thought about which pill they'd take, the red one or the blue one? For that matter...

danzig 3dUtopia in Danzig

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