With my PhD in English Literature at Edinburgh University about to begin, I will be reading lots of stuff this year. Do not expect weekly reviews, I do not read quickly. But I will share with you anything interesting I do read, whether it’s a novel that’s in vogue, or something from my course that I think is worth knowing that broadened my horizon. I’ll be reading a lot of things about transgender discourse, but hopefully, a lot of things which aren’t, as well.

September 26, 2016

Vested Interests by Marjorie Garber (non-fiction)

26.09.16: Marjorie Garber's Vested Interests One of the most significant studies of transgender identity in…
September 26, 2016

Gilbert & Gubar: Cross-dressing and Re-dressing (non-fiction)

26.09.16: Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar, Cross-dressing and Re-dressing Within the second volume of No…
September 23, 2016

Venus as a Boy by Luke Sutherland

​Reviewed 23/09/2016 How to categorize this story? It has moments of magical realism, as well…
September 22, 2016

James Miranda Barry by Patricia Duncker

James Miranda Barry, by Patricia Duncker, 22.09.16 History has few transgender stories of reliable information,…
September 21, 2016

The Danish Girl

Transgender identity in the twenty-first century is a fragmented thing. Is your gender identity something…