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Edinburgh Just Festival 11.08.17


Edinburgh Just Festival 11.08.17

I haven't been on stage before as a trans person, but I will have my fifteen minutes this coming Friday, on 11 August, at Edinburgh's Just Festival. The festival-within-a-festival serves to create a safe space for dialogue, and I'm joining that dialogue, as I discuss perceptions surrounding trans people in modern society, before the main comedy performance starring Bethany Black:


I know my spiel will include some modern trans history and the way pop culture has changed in its representation of trans people, our turn from freaks to citizens. How much should I say about myself? Am I representative of trans people? Of female-to-male transgender people? Of black trans people? As white and Welsh, and male-to-female, is my story even that of the narrow social group I come from?

I think the answer is obvious enough, so my talk will be about the diversity, about the limits of my label, of when it's useful and when it obscures.

Am I meant to be funny in this show? The show is titled 'Seriously Funny.' I guess I'm the serious section. I hope I'm the serious section.

So, for those in Edinburgh wanting to learn a little more about the transgender narrative please do come. It's at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, EH1 2JL, and I hope I don't panic and go blank on the night, otherwise audience members will get one more treat, the sight of a trans person being dragged on stage with nothing to say and crying for her mother.
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