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What's On? 02/12/16

What's On? 02/12/16

What's On? 02/12/16

Limp and ashamed, I hang my head and say it's unlikely I'll be going to the cinema this weekend. I will be in Leeds (I've never been to Leeds) at a conference on gender. At least I hope I will be, as I've spent several hundred pounds on hotel, train and the conference itself (which I aim to scrape back via funding that I don't yet have). It did strike me as I was doing this that the whole thing could be a con; I could end up at the conference room of the hotel with my powerpoint and paper, and they'll have no idea what I'm talking about. And meanwhile the woman who organised the event is slapping a high-five with her friends in Jamaica.

Life is an attitude, though. If it happens, I'll at least have a warm bed for two consecutive nights. With a TV. Oh God, they might even have a bath.

I might then try to find a cinema in Leeds.

And watch . . . either Jarmusch's Paterson or a documentary by the journalist John Pilger about a potentially growing rift between America and China which might become the next World War. Called The Coming War on China. It sounds a bit like a film by Roland Emmerich, except without the small dog surviving at the end with a happy 'woof.' Both films are at the Cameo not only this weekend but after, so I might pop in on Monday to see one of them, if Leeds proves to be the real thing. The former movie will, I'm guessing, make me meditative and philosophical. The latter, shit-scared and philosophical. Decisions, decisions.

On at Cineworld, meanwhile, is nothing I haven't already seen, or want to see. I can't believe they've removed the Tom Cruise vehicle Jack Reacher.

Perhaps they'll still have it on in Leeds.

Have a nice weekend – and I hope no one gets conned into losing hundreds of pounds. G
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