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What's On? 08.12.16

What's On? 08.12.16

What's On? 08/12/16

I've just spent an hour copying and pasting the names of eighty-three transgender people killed in hate crimes, then cutting up the papers and attaching blue-tak to each piece. They'll go on display tomorrow at the Trans Remembrance event I'm organising. Yes, it feels disturbing to do something so banal, involving the names of all these people who died so brutally.

Anyway, no cinema for me tomorrow evening. A cursory glance at the Cameo timetable shows that Jarmusch's Paterson will still be there over the weekend; I've wanted to see it for a few weeks now, and that will be my choice. After last weekend's stressful coming and going along the eastern coast to Leeds, thinking I'd been the victim of a conference-based scam, and now my preparations for this event, in which I badly want to memorize my 'presentation' for each speaker, as well as the movie Tangerine, I am looking forward to eventually disappearing into Cameo cinema's bar for a drink and a good film.

It's strange, being part of a community, one you don't really know. Will I ever feel some connection? Do I need to? Perhaps it's enough to organise events like this from time to time, to go to support groups from time to time, to be there for anyone who needs me (I'm currently the University's staff trans rep). Everything from time to time. Could I ever be a political animal, like my father, who has devoted himself to the causes of his political party? I wonder if, in seeing the sacrifices he's made (and for who? For what? As the questions go . . .) I have taken a step back. Is it the fault of apathetics like myself that the Trumps of this world are taking over? Did my 'Generation X' let the world become like this through our not being arsed?

Or is there a vicious cycle? You see the world as it is, the way people vote, for UKIP, and Brexit, and Trump, and you retreat.

Well, tomorrow evening is my own thing, I don't know if it will make a difference, but I'm doing it anyway.

To all the victims of hate crime out there, their friends and families.
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