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What's On? 11.08.17

This is usually a small and simple post to do, but with the Festival in full swing in Edinburgh, my head is turned a dozen different ways.

There are trans-based shows in Edinburgh at the Traverse theatre, one named Adam (about being a trans man) and the other predictably called Eve starring the playwright and actress Jo Clifford, whom I've been lucky to work with in the past. Both biographical dramas have received strong reviews and I'd like to watch them, not least to learn a little more about what I'm supposed to be.

Elsewhere, there are shows called You've Changed and Testosterone which I'm also looking forward to reviewing.

Sadly, I should add that the show I was meant to be a part of in the Just Fringe: Seriously Funny, as an 'academic specialist', has been withdrawn, due to the illness of the comedienne Bethany Black. I hope she gets better, and although I'm feeling underwhelmed by the cancellation, it's been interesting for me just reflecting on my own trans identity for the talk I was to give. Who knows, maybe I can use my talk for another time.

Despite all the trans theatre happening, I'm still excited about the cinema. There's a single, one-off showing this evening at the Cameo cinema of Al Gore's latest documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel. This may sound blasé coming from a liberal, but I think Al Gore is one of the heroes of our age, and will be regarded as such when climate-wise, things really start to hit the fan. An Inconvenient Truth (2006) had a huge impact on me and at the very least made climate change a mainstream issue. I hope this evening's showing is not sold out already.

As an aside, it's interesting to reflect whether Al Gore would have created the original Inconvenient Truth, if he'd won the Presidency back in 2000. Or would he have lied about Iraq like Bush and co, and sold out on the environment? Who knows, but what the world got in Bush and now Trump is a vision of what the world looks like when the ones in charge don't give a fuck. It's sometimes good to have leaders like Bush and Trump to remember we can't rely on the politicians to solve the problems of the world, it really starts with us.

And with that, I'll close, though also noting two other films on opposite ends of the spectrum, the eerie and meditative A Ghost Story starring Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck, and the trashy Atomic Blonde featuring Charlize Theron. With so much choice, I guess subscribing with Netflix can happen another day.
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