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What's On? 27.10.17

Perhaps the superhero I have the least connection with on our screens today is Thor. I never watch his movies; I feel nothing for the super-serious Norse world that he comes from – it strikes me in the trailers as bland, a pompous landscape of furrowed brows, facial hair, formal tones of voice and shining breastplates. As for the man who plays him, Chris Hemsworth, he's likeable enough but what's to love? He's more or less invincible, also macho and slightly stiff. Where's the tension, or the vulnerability? Why care for such a character?

I'm already talking myself out of going to watch the latest cycle of Thor, so I had better stop myself and start again. Thor: Ragnarok is out this weekend, and is meant to be colourful and fun. Mark Ruffalo's Hulk makes an appearance in a fantastic world of colours and giant skies. A Gothic turn from Cate Blanchett provides the super-villain on which these movies hinge.

I don't have to go and watch this film. I know that in the Filmhouse they're showing the far more thoughtful Palestinian piece In Between about the lives of young women living life under multiple kinds of challenges, and apparently rising irresistibly against them.

I don't know if I can manage two films with the costs it would incur. But I would love something fantastical, of other worlds with giant pastel skies, and people flying through the air. Not to get morbid on you, dear reader, but I've recently thought a lot about death, and what's after. It would be great if other worlds of multi-coloured skies existed, where I could fly through clouds. Maybe Thor: Ragnarok is this kind of vision, of a director's imagining of this world left behind for something lighter, stunning and inconsequential. It's sometimes nice as an adult to imagine such journeys being possible.
What's On?
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