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What's On 30.11.17

It doesn't come out until April 2018, but I'm going to mention the next Avengers movie because its trailer is on release. Yes, that's how big the Avengers franchise has become: even its trailers are newsworthy.

It looks good, if what you enjoy are the myriad superheroes from Captain American: Civil War – because Avengers: Infinity War looks like it's doubling up on the characters again, by adding those from Guardians of the Galaxy as well as Doctor Strange and Spiderman, while Loki and Thor also make an appearance. The word I think they're going for, is epic. And super serious. Even Ironman isn't smiling in this trailer; everyone looks grim.

Well, isn't that the point? These films aren't meant to be subtle. They're about superheroes with powers we can only dream of, fighting monsters in increasingly cosmic-scaled battles. In this way at least, they are pitching superheroes against supervillains. But I do despair slightly at the computer-game, lantern-jawed, brick-shithouse monsters. And at the bland self-righteousness of Captain America. And the gazillion large-scale fight scenes that look like taking place. It all looks so goddamn macho. I'm bored of macho.

There's another kind of macho, if I can call it that, at the Filmhouse this weekend, in the Humphrey Bogart movie In a Lonely Place. I liked Bogart in Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon, which I guess is like saying I thought Maradona played well in the 1986 World Cup. I may go and watch it.

Speaking of World Cups, The Guardian displayed posters of different World Cups from the past today, and it's weird how they're generally brilliant until the 1980s. The Latin American ones especially speak of something other, an early romantic twentieth century, of bars on hills overlooking the Copacabana, of a faraway Chilean nation staring out at the Pacific, of a sun scorched Mexico, of Uruguayan cities of Italian décor. Let all World Cups take place in Latin America, or would that be like wishing for Christmas every day? This is a post low on ideas and big on images. Forget Avengers: Infinity War next April; here's to next summer's World Cup in Russia, to Germany winning, but also to South American teams bewitching us with their magic spells.
What's On?
What's On?


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