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What's On? 18.05.17

What I like about this post-Oscars period is that good films you might have missed return to the cinemas, for lack of 'big box-office alternatives' that are now in storage for the summer. I haven't seen Get Out! for example, which was lauded months ago as a dark and funny film that stands out from the crowd, but there it is again at the Cameo cinema. More tantalisingly for me is The Lost City of Z, the true story of an Edwardian-era explorer who went into the dark heart of South America to discover the eponymous lost city of the film's title.

The latter film is on my radar, indeed was on my radar months ago, when it mysteriously came and went without my noticing it. The film's exotic theme, therefore, is matched by my own wishful desire to enter a screening room and find the film before me. I will prepare for this journey: arrive early enough at the Cameo bar to get a drink and a high stool at a side table, with a book in hand. Immerse myself in 'culture' (it will need to be Lacan; I finished the novelized version of The Phantom Menace many months ago). I will keep my eyes on the clock which hangs above the Cameo bar. My eyes will flicker with a mounting excitement to the clock. At a certain point I will awkwardly leave my high stool and depart for the screening room, sleepwalking with like-minded customers. In the darkness of the room, South American jungles will open up before me, scenes of idealistic explorers driving ever forward, fighting doubt with zeal. Like a PhD, it may take longer than anticipated. Like life itself, the end result is likely to be disappointing. I don't care. It is disappointment at the foot of a jungle pyramid in South America.

What's On? 25.05.17
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