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What's On? 02.06.17

Well, there's the UK General Election for one thing. Shall I affect casual indifference? 'All politicians are the same, liars and opportunists the lot of them, etc.'

No. I'll be watching it on Thursday evening with the kind of excitement football fans have for the World Cup (and both are approx. every four years, so don't dismiss my comparison too quickly). Of course, unlike the World Cup, there are economic consequences following whoever wins this election, at least outside the super rich, whether we get more austerity or badly-needed investment.

But while I want Labour to win for the sake of their brilliant manifesto, I also want the Conservatives to lose, for several reasons. One is Theresa May. I don't want her as my Head of State. The way she used the House of Commons to sneer and laugh at Jeremy Corbyn as he tried to raise issues of underfunding; the way she laughs unconvincingly when she's accused of cowardice for ducking the election debate – when she no longer has three hundred Tory MPs to point and laugh loudly at every insult that she uses. She's a bully now increasingly looking uncomfortable, outside of the Commons' bear pit. Yes, it's also about policies: I don't doubt the Tories' long-term project is to run the NHS into the ground and replace it with private health care as in the USA, thus reducing the taxes of the rich still further. May is for grammar schools too; schools which select perhaps 30% of the most academically able students at 11 years of age from lower classes, while leaving the rest behind – while simultaneously allowing 100% of children of the rich into the best schools in the UK. Fair?

On a lighter note, I think the UK general election is also damn good TV, presided over by the wonderful David Dimbleby, the intellectually ferocious Andrew Neil, and the army of experienced BBC journalists racing around the country. There aren't many 'moments' when the whole of the UK stops and zooms in to share a moment. In some ways this is a good thing, and it is anyway inevitable; this is not, after all, a one-party state. And I hope the British electorate (and let's be honest, the English electorate who ultimately decide these things) continue in this vein by voting for a left-of-centre coalition, while somewhere looking shell-shocked is the one who called the election thinking all she needed to do was repeat 'strong and stable' ad nauseam to the stupid British electorate.

And the cinema? Get Out is still showing at the Cameo over the weekend and I haven't seen it yet. I think it's time I went, though: about an Afro-American guy who visits the parents of his white, middle-class girlfriend and strange events unfold. I've occasionally wondered, as a trans-woman, how I'd be received by the parents of my future other half, and whether there'd be tension. Maybe I'll get a glimpse of what to expect with this surreal horror-comedy . . .

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