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What's On? 15.06.17

I could refer to The Mummy at Cineworld or Churchill at Cameo but there's a brightly coloured elephant in the room and its name is Gay Pride, coming to you, Edinburgh, this Saturday.

But first, some honesty. I really, really don't want to go to Pride. Shall I count the ways it will discomfort me? Here's three: contrived fun, loud noise, and people staring at you. If there's music, it will be Ibiza turned up full. Everything will be bright pink and garish (or tight black PVC), and people will be blowing their whistles at a piercing volume.

So those are some negatives, based on preconceptions by someone who's never been before. Why should I attend? I think because as someone who organizes trans-related events at Edinburgh University, I think I should. And related to this, the one place where I've been given an opportunity to organize and receive funding while here as a student is through my voluntary work with the University's Staff Pride Network. I do feel a growing gap between funded PhD students, and un-funded ones like me, in terms of opportunities and support. It is in this LGBT ghetto that I've found a zone that makes me feel wanted and involved, and this is a huge deal both when you've come out as trans and a student without a scholarship. I owe LGBT some requisite support. And this in itself hints at a more serious reason to back anything that supports LGBT people. When things have been bad, it's the LGBT scene that's often lifted me.

So like an awkward Christmas dinner with relatives – some of whom you can't stand – I will turn up. I kind-of want to be all Jonny Rotten and wear a T-shirt saying 'I fucking hate Gay Pride', just to warn whistle-blowing revellers to give me a wide birth. I'm not sure how I'll dress, but it won't be pink latex and six-inch heels. I don't think I'll be laughing, I tend not to laugh unless I find something to be funny.

Must try harder. Never mind the philosophies of Kant and Schopenhauer, the wisest thing ever said was by Bob Marley: Don't worry, be happy.

What's On?
What's On?


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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

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