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What's On? 23.06.17

The Edinburgh Film Festival has started, I have seen the queues outside Cineworld cinema on Fountainbridge. I admit there's nothing that leaps out at me in the schedule, but perhaps that's the thing with these festivals, and with life in general. Get outside your comfort zone and test yourself, you might be gently surprised.

Cameo cinema's doing some retro screenings, not just for the iconic De Niro / Pacino vehicle Heat, but for Midnight Cowboy, which I've never seen but am aware of the beautiful, tawdry world it's supposed to show.

On a more whimsical note, Transformers 5 is out, and so too the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. I've never watched a Transformers movie all the way through; I saw a bit of the first one on TV one time, and was disturbed by how bad it looked. I always smile when I read the reviews of the latest Transformers film, they're always bad, and they always say 'it fails to match the quality of the first one.' It's the same with the Pirates movies. They obviously have their fans, and I admit I sometimes like KFC fast food, even if I haven't been in a while. I wonder if, some day, when I have some kind of income, whether I might just hand over £8 for a Transformers movie. When I'm finally dating, and I want to test the other's resolve, it'll be the perfect date for asking: 'how much do you like me?' And the good thing is, whether it takes two years or ten before I have a source of income, as well as some romantic interest, there will always be the 'latest' Transformers or Pirates movie coming out, preceded perhaps by a nice bargain bucket at KFC.
What's On?
What's On?


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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

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