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What's On? 29.06.17

Everyone's talking about the five-star movie Baby Driver and it's out this weekend at the Cameo. It has ingredients I'm not partial to, including the presence of Jamie Foxx and a story line about a teenager(ish) boy. With nothing else of interest out there, though, this is one of those times to watch a film that doesn't seem 'your kind of' movie.

And what else is there to do? It's raining so hard outside the study-room windows, the hills of Arthur's Seat are just outside but half of them are obscured by cloud and rainfall. In truth, I'm just looking forward to not working this weekend. Having moaned about my jobless plight for so long, I've found teaching work for this next five weeks and already I am feeling it. Preparing lessons is proving a drag, I'm going to bed at midnight and getting up at six, but waking up much sooner due to nerves. The biggest event this weekend is that Saturday morning moment of waking up at six and knowing I can lie there.

My nails are covered in glitter as I'm writing this, and though they're a bitch to re-do (removing glittered nail varnish is the worst), I'm enjoying a moment right now of thinking about the weekend coming. My tip for the week, incidentally, doesn't involve films: get yourself a transparent plastic umbrella. I got one yesterday and they're better against the Baltic winds. Mine hasn't broken yet.
What's On? 06.07.17
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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

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