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What's On? 10/11/16

What's On? 10/11/16

What's On? 10/11/16

I was all set to go this weekend to watch the Amy Adams sci-fi, Arrival, when to my dismay, I found another film I should go and watch instead - one of those movies you know you need for your hipster development. A film by a director whose work I've wanted to see more of, Jim Jarmusch. His film The Limits of Control really affected me with its silences, shots, intriguing characters and chilled suspension of disbelief in arid settings. At the Cameo cinema this coming Saturday, they're showing one of his classic films, Mystery Train, a late night special.

Sci-fi or indie road trip movie?

I would suddenly like to watch an indie road trip sci-fi, but I'm not sure they exist.

I will have to watch both, won't I? Will I ever watch Tom Cruise in in his 'Jack Reacher' sequel?

Another question, more to myself than anyone: shouldn't I be thinking about authors in the way I think about directors? I am studying literature, after all. And over the next month, I'll be publishing my debut novel. Writers must always read a lot. The good ones, anyway. Cinema is different to literature, more stuff jumps around.

I did start reading a good novel as well, this week, a bit on the heavy side, The Well of Loneliness. It's a controversial lesbian/transgender novel from the 1920s that caused a huge uproar at the time, though I had never heard of it until recently. Lady Chatterley's Lover gets all the attention when it comes to talk of censorship, but The Well of Loneliness is far more controversial, and dare I say it, better written (although I did enjoy Lady Chatterley's Lover).

This post is going all over the place, I'm sorry. But I've told you what I want to watch, haven't I? Two intriguing movies, one a sci-fi, another a bizarre road trip movie. And squeezed in there somewhere, a good book as well. Have an enjoyable weekend, everyone. Gina
What's On? 18/11/16
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