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What's On? 14.01.17

What's On? 14.01.17

What's On? 14/01/17

I fell in love with Underworld when it came out in 2003. What a great time in my life, that was, back in Szczecin in Poland. I had a really nice girlfriend, believe it or not, an American of shiny reddish hair and angelic skin who was passionate about directing cinema. We produced a school play, and watched great films together in the cinema. Gothika, Lord of the Rings III, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Matrix III, all these stunning fantasy franchises seemed to be concluding during that time. Two others, the fun and underrated Van Helsing, and of course, Underworld. Yes, a happy time in my life.

Underworld produced sequels. First of all, the attractive 'Evolution', and then films three and four, which were, are and always will be dreadful. The fourth one, in fact, looks like a made-for-TV movie, despite the brilliant cast.

They've made another one, a fifth one titled Blood Wars, it's out now in Cineworld. It carries on from the fourth one. I'm not going to sell this one to you, dear reader. We both know I can't do that. Not this time. The film is likely to make film critics like Mark Kermode want to commit suicide. But it is Underworld. It is Kate Beckinsale, a vampire fighting werewolves. It is like seeing someone I wasn't particularly close to from 2003, when I was in Szczecin with the girl I mentioned. It doesn't matter that you weren't close, the point is, they were there, witnessing you in that happy time.

Nostalgia comes and goes. Would the 2003 'me' be disappointed by how I turned out? No, I think he'd understand. The American girl, I occasionally Google to see how she's doing, she's still building her career in the movie world in the States and I'm so proud of her, even though we haven't spoken in nearly ten years.

Anyway, after my week of illness, this is the perfect film for me, one that means so much in different ways.
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