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What's On? 18/11/16

What's On? 18/11/16

What's On? 18/11/16

The Jim Jarmusch season continues at The Cameo. As reviewed already, I watched Magic Train last Saturday and it was fine, in a whimsical kind of way. Memphis looked like a dead town in the film, the director was obviously going for that effect, and perhaps it resonates, a gentle mocking of the 'Grail quest'. Perhaps I'll experience something similar some day when I make it to San Francisco, if I ever make it there.

Tomorrow night, anyway, is another Jarmusch special, a psychedelic/postmodern Western called Dead Man. The cast is intriguing, Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop, Billy Bob Thornton, among many others. Okay, I'm not a Johnny Depp fan, I dislike the Pirates movies – I stopped watching after the third one, 'wish I had after an hour of the first one. But this doesn't look like a cash-cow kind of movie.

Then – if I'm feeling like ruining my finances for a second consecutive week – I might go and watch Paterson, which is Jarmusch's new release. The trailer made it look quirky. I'm not sure about quirky. It better have more than quirkiness to it. Ten pounds is a lot for some quirk.

What I'd really like to do – and I'm breaking off from the movie theme now – is buy Pink Floyd's newly released 27-disk box set. It is £400. Yes, that silenced you, didn't it? It silenced me too. Sadly, it also silences Pink Floyd. I've read the Guardian review of it, and it sounds like a fascinating compilation of outtakes taken at a point in the band's career where they were staring their own musical death in the face (late sixties, very early seventies). The genius of the band, Syd Barrett, was falling apart. Waters and Gilmore were desperately trying anything, musically speaking. The drummer, Mason, was probably wondering how he'd be able to buy all those vintage cars he would eventually end up with. And I don't know what Wright, the keyboardist, was thinking, I'm not sure anyone did. I'm not sure he would have been bothered, I think he would have been happy being a session musician, he always looked like he'd been sucked into the whirlwind created by Barrett, Waters and Gilmore (you can put those three names up there in the hallowed halls of greatest pop artists of the twentieth century, I guess it isn't too controversial to say that).

In the meantime, I've been listening to Pink Floyd again. Last night, pretty much the whole evening while I was finishing off a book. I think I've done my back in because of the way I was sitting in the cold living room, reading.

Where was I? Yes, Jim Jarmusch. It's going to be weekend nights all about his art. But probably without the Pink Floyd box set.
What's On? 25/11/16
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