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What's On! 22/9/2016

What's On! 22/9/2016

What's on? 22/09/16

I have a much better idea of what I'd like to do over the coming weekend, no David Bowie uncertainties for me this time. Speaking of which, following last week's entry for 'What's On?', I didn't follow it up with a review of the Bowie film The Man Who Fell to Earth because – although I did go and watch it at the Cameo cinema – I thought it was poor, in a 'two-hours-is-way-too-fucking-long-for-this-kind-of-thing' kind of way. Not that Bowie was poor; I was impressed with his acting and his aura, and with that voice of his, and those eyes. I thought he brought something special to every scene. In fact, I wish Bowie had made more films. I think he got typecast as 'weird', whether it was this film or fairy tale fantasies like Labyrinth. I would have loved to have seen him in a gangster movie instead, opposite Pesci and De Niro, seeing them struggle to work him out. What is the most un-weird big role he could have taken in the 80s and 90s? The Deer Hunter? I think he would have been fantastic as another unhinged Christopher Walken figure. Now I'm on a kind-of roll (to myself, anyway); I would have loved to see Bowie as a cop or soldier in: LA Confidential (Bowie would have been brilliant in noir); Goodfellas (Bowie was so effortlessly cool that any machismo would have melted off him); Titanic (fuck Di Caprio and Winslet, how cool would it have been to have Bowie as captain at the ship's wheel?); Zodiac as an investigative cop; Heat, instead of De Niro (De Niro is a brilliant actor but I find his 'don't-suffer-fools-gladly' aura quite tiring). Or in early Tarantino, before Tarantino became a director of cartoons.

Anyway, a new weekend: I have been waiting for several months for the Richard Alston Dance Company to return to the Festival Theatre. They are there for one night, tomorrow, 23 September. I'm taking a huge gamble that I can turn up on the day, at midday, and get a student discount for £10. Please, please don't be sold out.

Otherwise? There's an intriguing zombie movie coming out this weekend, Girl with all the Gifts. I don't usually like zombie movies, but I enjoyed World War Z, and I think this one's a bit more cerebral than the norm, with an interesting premise. Also at the Cameo this weekend is The Clan, an Argentinian 'biographical crime film'. Perhaps it's the influence of my Chilean friend Yesenia, but I'm quite into South American movies at the moment, so much shit has happened on that continent that I know so little about.

So that's a hint of my weekend to come. Enjoy yours!


What's on? 29/09/16
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