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What's On? 23.08.17


What's On? 23.08.17

A trove of good films coming out, clashing with the final weekend of the Festival. I haven't even seen Charlize Theron's kick-arse action movie Atomic Blonde but how can I say no to Soderbergh's Logan Lucky with Adam Driver and Daniel Craig doing a heist in the American Mid West? And what of Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit about the race riots of the 1960s in the city of the same name? Empire magazine has celebrated both films with top reviews, not that these films need them with these casts and directors. Shall I even mention The Dark Tower, a film adaptation of Stephen King's supposed masterpiece, written over several decades? Damn these temptations, damn them all to hell.

Because the Edinburgh Festival still has a weekend to go before it's packed up for another year. I have tickets for two trans-related shows, Jo Clifford's Eve and the immigration story Adam. If I were to watch anything further, I would stick to contemporary dance, since it's proven to be a winner for me again and again; the best thing I've seen this time is the trans show Skin, a hypnotically abstract piece that avoids the clichés that I've seen elsewhere.

Here, though, are a few I'm thinking of adding to my experience in a final weekend flurry: Profundis from the National Dance Company of Wales – their Folk, which I watched last week, was a strong piece on immigration (a provocative and welcome theme this year). Taiwan Season: 038 – a friend of mine has been to see it twice, and on the second occasion, she began to cry, it was apparently that good.

I haven't even read the theatre section, but I've already spent over £100 despite the feeling I've seen almost nothing. Maybe next year I'll have more money and time . . . 
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Saturday, 27 February 2021

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