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What's on? 29/09/16

What's on? 29/09/16

What's on? 29/09/16

Following my spending debacle at the Festival Theatre last week – in which I blew my budget on a follow-up cinema visit, on ice-cream, cider and crisps, I have decided that I shall go to the cinema this weekend, whatever happens.

Nothing much can happen, to be honest. I've no plans to return to the glories of the Festival Theatre, I dare not check what they have on.

I've missed the Cameo cinema a lot, my eyes linger on it, like a money-less drunk gazing at a favourite pub. But, having looked at what's on this weekend, I have decided instead to take the plunge and return for the first time in nearly a year to the commercial behemoth that is Cineworld at Fountainpark. I don't see it as a sell-out; I'm entitled to mix things up.

Having said that, I'm not looking forward to using my student card. I'm still waiting on the deed poll process to update my details, so my student card still shows me as a man. I won't bother explaining things, unless they query it. I'll just show them the card to get a discount, and look away, unfussed. I hope they'll put two and two together. To make it more of an experience, I may even go to their Starbucks upstairs (I don't actually like Starbucks, but if you're going to be commercial about things, you may as well go the whole hog).

But what film – I hear you asking – do I intend to watch? Well, it looks both fast paced and full of questions: it is Deep Horizon, about the oil rig that exploded in the Mexican Gulf. It is on at both the Odeon and Cineworld, virtually on the hour, every hour, for the whole weekend. Fountain Park is actually a den of iniquity, I'll have to be careful with my money, such are the temptations there (restaurants, cool-looking bars like 'The Fountain' which is just opposite and has a French thing going on, from the looks of things outside).

Yes, so, that's my big night out sorted. What about yours? If anybody's reading this, please leave a comment, I'd love to know what everyone else does with their Saturday nights.

All the best.

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