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What's On? 3/11/16

What's On? 3/11/16

What's On? 3/11/16

Having eagerly pored over Empire Magazine for my monthly dose of cinema news, I can report back to you all with the insight that November will be remembered as the month of the actress Amy Adams. For some (like my friend Yesenia), Adams is the innocent girl in Enchanted, to others (like me), she's the sly and multi-layered con artist of American Hustle. Now the critics are lining up her two November movies with five-star reviews, for Nocturnal Animals (out this weekend) and the sci-fi Arrivals, confirming Adams as one of the most versatile female stars in Hollywood. I would find it easier to write about sci-fi, but Nocturnal Animals does look like the perfect film for the Cameo cinema. I know it to be the work of former Gucci fashion designer Tom Ford; I watched his other cinematic piece, A Single Man, and it was a visually lush and engaging movie, with moments that have stayed with me. The latter movie is also the most tender depiction of same-sex love I've ever seen, and I wish Ford would make a movie about trans people next. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to returning to the Cameo to watching something of such high quality.

On the other end of the quality spectrum, dare I say it, is the US Presidential election and it would be remiss of me not to mention the documentary showing this weekend at the Filmhouse about Donald Trump, You've Been Trumped Too. The documentary's director, Anthony Baxter, currently has an article in The Guardian about the making of it, and how Trump has tried to suppress the film. I don't know if I need to watch it; I already know enough, I think, about Trump, to know he's unfit for public office. Would watching the documentary simply make me feel worse about the Presidential election?

I will try to find a venue to watch the election. I don't have a TV, or the Internet, and I don't particularly want to spend an entire night in a pub (£4+ per pint, pretty much everywhere in Edinburgh). I may spend the night here, at the university, with headphones and a radio, and a bottle of wine hidden under the desk.

This is a post about this week's movies, so should I get political? Should I be worried if Hillary loses to Donald? Or should I be cynical enough to say it won't make much difference either way who wins? I watched one debate in a pub a month or two ago, and Hillary was so uninspiring that it's difficult to feel that much is at stake. I wonder if these words will come back to haunt me, a year or two from now, as the world fills up with mushroom clouds. My guess regardless is this: Hillary wins the Presidency, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the special interests in Washington get carte blanche, and in the following election, Hillary loses to whichever half-decent candidate the Republicans manage to find. And no, I'm not Republican (or even American), but I've never seen a favourite for the Presidency appear so unpopular before she's even got the damn thing. Western democracy, folks, is in a very strange place at the moment . . .
What's On? 10/11/16
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