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What's On? 31.08.17


What's On? 31.08.17

There are three films in the Cameo cinema this weekend enjoying top billing: Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky, I've already seen and thought was a bit pointless, and that's despite my finding the American Midwest a fascinating part of the English-speaking world. Leaves of Grass (2010), for example, I would happily part cash with; it may be one of my favourite films, an Edward Norton / Keri Russell vehicle that challenges – rather than conforms to – notions of city/redneck duality, all done with sophistication, poignancy and disarming humour – words I sadly couldn't apply to Soderbergh's Midwest fluff.

Regardless, that still leaves Detroit and God's Own Country. The former may well be the opposite of Leaves of Grass, based on real events around the race riots and police brutality of urban USA. I don't expect laughs with this one, but I've always had a thing for Detroit, and it does produce interesting cultural gems from time to time, be it Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley from the Beverley Hills Cop series or the engaging 8 Mile by Eminem.

God's Own Country, you could cheaply describe as a Yorkshire version of Brokeback Mountain. I've read Empire magazine's background of it, we're talking a majorly low budget and a script stripped down to forbidden love through silence, by a first-time director and unknown central actors. Again, it sounds so different to the big-name emptiness of Logan Lucky and I'm tempted to watch both this movie and Detroit as an antidote to last weekend's let down. At any rate, the Edinburgh Festival has been and gone, and the cinemas are there once more, boasting interesting films to watch. Bring it on.
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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

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