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What's On at the Edinburgh Festival?


What's On?

The Edinburgh Festival has just started. I've already seen one show, Burgerz by Travis Alabanza, it was definitely worth going to (my review to come). Other trans and non-binary shows on the way include Drone, featuring the performance artist and poet Harry Josephine Giles, Pass by trans woman Kate O'Donnell, and some shows whose performers I know nothing about but am excited to watch: Perfect, Prefer Not To Say, Pronoun, Sound Cistem, and Out.

I am annoyed that there are lots of David Bowie shows, but nothing about Pink Floyd. Why won't anyone do Pink Floyd? Apart from Pink Floyd having better songs (scientifically proven), David Bowie expressed admiration for the Nazis, while Pink Floyd's bassist and songwriter Roger Waters has devoted his career to trashing dictators and brutal regimes. He's also arguably the superior lyricist. Bowie is a great vocalist, but so is Floyd's Dave Gilmore. Bowie might seem like he fell from outer space, but you could say the same about Floyd's original frontman Syd Barret. I always thought Brad Pitt would be a good Dave Gilmore, while James Woods would make a splendidly intense, glowering Roger Waters. But we don't have to use cis male actors. My flatmate Valentina plays and sings Pink Floyd songs on her guitar and it's beautiful to listen to, the female vocals take Pink Floyd's music into a different dimension. An all-female Pink Floyd show? Well, it's just a thought.

Before I end this post, I'd like to recommend a contemporary dance show that has caught my eye: Blodeuwedd Untold. I grew up with the story, a Welsh legend about a sorcerer who creates a woman out of flowers. Not trans, but kind of. Each year a show comes by that I would be sad to miss. Last year it was Pussy Riot, Gruff Rhys, and Samira Elagoz's Cock Cock . . . Who's There? This year, I'm sure I'll learn of new and brilliant shows but in terms of personal appeal, a Welsh folktale about the creation of a woman gives me a different kind of model from cyborgs, vampires, and Frankenstein's monsters with which to find transcendence in transformation.

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What's On


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Thursday, 30 May 2024

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