What's on this week

What's on this week

What's on this week

What's on? 09/09/16

This is not a great weekend for cinema or theatre; I have to wait until 23 September when the Richard Alston dance company comes to the Festival Theatre (brilliant last year), and none of the films in the city's different cinemas jumps out at me. However, there are options: for a Nazi flick (always absorbing, unless Tarantino's involved), there's Anthropoid about the assassination attempt against the man who supposedly masterminded the genocide of Europe's Jews. I say 'supposedly' because I've never been clear on who really was behind it; I've heard of Hitler not being interested in the details of his own final solution, with the suggestion it was all being randomly organized by various Nazi Gauleiters in competition for Hitler's attentions. I hope this film provides more than just action and tension; ethnic cleansing never goes out of fashion, unfortunately, and it would be good to get some psychology and depth, as well as a bit of unknown history.

What else? Woody Allen's Café Society is still showing in places, though it doesn't look particularly special. War Dogs could be a sleeper, a movie apparently based on true events about some men who supplied weapons to the US military in their campaign in Afghanistan.
What's on this weekend


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