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What's On? 13/10/16

What's On? 13/10/16

What's On? 13/10/16

I really don't want to watch Shia LaBeouf this weekend. He's intense and he means well, but he's also annoying and devoid of charisma. And yet, he's in this weekend's most intriguing movie, American Honey. This is a road trip movie – and when American road trip movies are done well, they're something special. America, seen by highways, is something special. Those highways through deserts of ethereal outcrops of rocks and dustbowl gas stations. One of my favourite 'shit films' of all time is Zabriskie Point, a high budget art house movie from the 1960s by the Italian director Antonioni. Pink Floyd produced some beautiful music for it, including the iconic final scene. I once did a kind-of road trip in America from Nashville, Tennessee, to New York. I was 22, had finished a summer of selling books door to door. This film is about people selling things door to door.

Ah, America. Right now, I'm at a low point in my life. Kind-of sad, kind-of lonely. I can't think of anything more uplifting than a road trip from east to west across the USA, until you reach San Francisco. So I think I will go and watch this movie, which is on at the Filmhouse.

Last weekend I went to see the play The Suppliant Women at The Lyceum. There were parts of it which were brilliant, genius, but I also felt the whole thing was affected by the number of cast members who couldn't act, who looked uncomfortable up there on stage trying to act. For me it broke the fourth wall, and not in a good way. They should have worn masks, the ones uncomfortable with acting; it was a re-imagining of a Greek play, so masks might have worked. As a whole, the play felt like a clash between brilliance and a high school play. But still, I enjoyed it. That whole quarter, around The Lyceum, is full of cool bars and pubs and restaurants – the hippest place in Edinburgh, perhaps. Some day, when I have more money, I will visit that area more often.
What's On? 21.10.16
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