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Edinburgh’s cinemas have their own, different feel. When I visit them, I’ll be writing about both the film and the place, giving you the organic experience. Film critics on the big scale can’t really cater for this, so I hope my reviews bring something extra in this respect.

Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals

7/11/16, Nocturnal Animals

I'm still not sure about the ending. My friend, next to me, asked me what it meant. I listened to those behind and beside me, and they seemed uncertain too. The ending eventually settles down and I think I understand it. Here comes the spoiler: in relationships, there are no second chances.

As for the rest of this complex but engaging film, there are individual scenes worth watching; every scene with Michael Shannon's end-of-times cop, the dialogue about love and realism between Amy Adams's main character Susan, and her mother, in an exclusive restaurant. Also scarily mesmerising is the 'road' scene – the story within the story – in which Jake Gyllenhaal's character, along with his wife and daughter, are run off the road by murderous rapists who initially toy with them. Interesting to see their ring-leader, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson doing Southern psycho redneck. I recall him breaking through in a British TV drama one time as a teenager, and then playing a young John Lennon. He is horribly, nastily believable in this film, as is the scenario of every man's fear: the impotence of not being able to protect your family, who are being terrorised in front of you, while you get taunted for it. And for the mother and daughter, every woman's nightmare.

This film delivers in different ways, for the many individual performances and accompanying, atmospheric dialogues, and perhaps less so, for its overall message. A film whose parts are more than its sum? But those parts are in equal part harrowing and beautiful, and worth watching.
16/11/16 Arrival + Magic Train
Dr Strange


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