Utopia in Danzig


danzig 3dMy debut novel Utopia in Danzig

A long time ago, back around 2007, I started writing a play, which turned into a novel. It became something I kept re-writing, a story about a girl on the run who enters a mysterious hotel where people can never leave. I eventually settled on a name for the novel: Utopia in Danzig.

I began sending out the opening chapters to agents, lots of agents, to no avail. I engaged the help of an editor, and now finally it’s as ready as I feel it can be. To anyone about to read it, enjoy.


You’re a hit man who doesn’t hit much, and isn’t much of a man, by your own estimation. Then one day you and your companions pursue a girl into the lair of an alchemist, a place where your inner-most desires come true. Welcome to the Happiness Hotel, where you will never want to leave, even if you could.

Utopia in Danzig is the debut novel by Gwydion Roberts. Located in the bleakness of fictional Yiddishland in northern Europe, it’s a surreal, twisted story of repression and release, gender and transition, and of having the freedom you always wished for. 


It was eight years in the making, the novel where I learned how to write, by writing, and re-writing. You may have lots of questions; I’m going to try and anticipate some of them here, and hope my answers satisfy.

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